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intersections of race and class

I've encountered much more awareness of intersectionality and the effects of intersectionality in online discussions rather than in print media, so it was nice to see discussions that class rather than colour or ethnicity should be blamed for bias against poor whites. Just yes. Discrimination is more complicated than colour; there are so many other factors involved and it's good to see a report acknowledging this.

"The interests of the white working class are habitually pitched against those of minority ethnic groups and immigrants, while larger social and economic structures are left out of the debate altogether."

As Half Man Half Biscuit said, "They looked at my postcode, they asked me to speak; it was then I decided my prospects were bleak". But it's easier to give simple, kneejerk answers than it is to look at the complexities of class and geography and culture. Without an awareness of intersectionality, it's all too easy to get into Oppression Olympics.
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